SIA investigations provide complete judgment recovery and Hidden Asset Search investigations in all 50 states and more than 100 foreign countries. The searches include hidden bank and brokerage accounts, real property, vehicles, vessels, aircraft, etc. We can conduct residence and place of employment verifications, asset verification, and other related investigations. We also conduct international bank account locates.

Our investigators identify assets for the enforcement and collection of judgments, child support cases, probate matters, identify assets prior to litigation and accepting a personal injury or malpractice settlement.

Our licensed investigators can assist in obtaining the financial profile on any individual or company. SIA Investigations will professionally perform the requisite initiatives using a range of discreet and legally compliant methods to obtain the information needed. We provide the most comprehensive asset investigations available.

Our investigations provide asset searches for individuals as well as businesses. We understand how difficult it can be to locate a qualified asset search investigator. One that works diligently to provide the desired results in a timely manner at a nominal charge. Our searches include looking for missing assets in cars, real estate, boats, planes, companies, bank accounts (savings & checking), investments (stocks, bonds & mutual funds), safe-deposit boxes, trust accounts, lost money, off-shore bank accounts, investments and hidden assets.


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