Background Checks: Business

Do you know what your competitors are doing?  Have any former employees joined forces against your competitors?  Are they violating no compete and confidentiality agreements?  Are they infringing on your patents and trademarks?  How safe is your intellectual property?

Are your competitors preparing to launch a new product?  Planning an expansion? How liquid is the competition?  What kind of assets and capital do they have available to compete against you?

If you own or run a business, knowing about your competition’s activities can benefit you immensely. Business intelligence is not only for Fortune 500 companies: all businesses, including yours, can profit from running background checks on their competitors.

Our Business Background Checks will help you make better business decisions, be it when selecting new suppliers, or when you’re evaluating a new customer or potential partner. SIA Investigations licensed investigators can search databases available only to the investigative community and obtain critical information that will enable you to enter new business relationships with confidence.

Our comprehensive Business Background Investigation can include, but is not limited to:

  • Subject identification information
  • Summary of operations
  • List of principals and officials
  • Professional license search – State of California
  • City business license search – city of residence
  • Real estate and personal property search – county of residence
  • Corporate records search – State of California
  • Fictitious business name filings search – county of residence
  • Civil records search – county of residence
  • Civil records search – federal
  • Judgments/tax liens summary – county of residence
  • Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Filings
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Internet Search
  • Site Check Surveillance
  • Interpersonal Relationships

Our arsenal of information can capture information across the globe.  We offer local, state, national and worldwide searches as needed.

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Background Checks: Business – Free Consultation

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